Automated sample preparation


Fully Automatic Process


Autosampler allows up to 30 samples to be dispensed in one completely unattended run. From 1 mg up to several grams of powder can be weighed out automatically into containers of your choice.

Safe, Accurate Dosing


Automated dosing with Quantos is highly accurate and reproducible, even when using small capsules or electrostatically charged substances. Materials are contained, minimizing exposure to toxic substances.

High-Throughput Dispensing

Highly flexible, the autosampler system has the unique ability to dose different amounts per vial and records the fill weight in one step. Different sized containers, as well as capsules and vials of any kind, are filled quickly and automatically.

Automatic Data Handling


LabX laboratory software provides flexible SOP user guidance on the balance touchscreen. With automatic data handling, calculations and reports, Quantos systems powered by LabX easily fulfill the highest process security and traceability requirements and support your moves towards a paperless lab.


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