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WAYNE MATERIALS, A Performance Approach to Deliver More for You


Wayne Materials
(WM Corporation) founded Taiwan in 2002 by Wayne Chang.


A Performance Approach to Deliver More for Our Customers

We brought our shared commitment to customer success built on a collaborative,
customer-intimate model to form the Consumer Solutions business.


Consumer Solutions is an innovation engine driven by a
customer-first mentality, delivering new materials allied with solutions from across diverse toolkit by Wayne Materials.


Three Business Units Focused on Meeting
Our Customers’ Unique Needs

1. Performance Materials

     Advanced Moisture Scavenging Composite Materials

2. Molecular Sieves

     Preferentially Adsorbing for Coatings, Adhesives and Sealants

3. Catalysts/Initiators/Curing Agents

     In-depth Knowledge and Expertise in Chemical Processes


By Wayne Materials....

1. Enabling customers’ growth with complementary products, 
    technologies and solutions.

    And we are ensuring that customers have greater access to what truly
    sets us apart – our expertise and products. In fact, we have added new
    capabilities to these products to enhance your value-added experience
    no matter what device you’re using.

2. Working closely with customers to identify their needs and help
    them achieve differentiation through innovative materials and 
    value-added products.

3. R&D capabilities and technical support

    Even as we work to deliver more value, choices and innovation for our
    customers, we are also implementing new ways to make working with
    us easier, more enjoyable and more effective.
    We are upgrading our systems to increase the reliability of lead times
    and deliver a range of advanced materials for established markets.

4. Bringing Reliable Performance to Your Markets

    Whether in chemical processing or in developing your next
Wayne Materials has the industry expertise and reliable
    solutions to help enable your success.

Wayne Materials pioneered the development of advanced materials and the synergy of organic/Inorganic chemistries 16 years ago. Today, we remain instrumental in allowing new materials to be developed in a wide variety of industries with greater reliability and improved performance.


And More....

Wayne Materials provides radio and television programme production and distribution, video programme production and distribution and general advertising services for scientific education in Taiwan...




How do foreigners get to taichung
from abroad ?

Contact us :   info@waynematerials.com


How do foreigners get
"WAYNE MATERIALS" from taichung ??



Contact us :   info@waynematerials.com

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