Our Products
  • Super Desiccant “SINA”type A

    SINA type A is a new super hygroscopic material with rapid hygroscopic ability, which can meet the requirements of rapid dehumidification of various applications and also has an amazing hygroscopicity.

  • Super Desiccant “SINA”type B

    SINA type B is a new super hygroscopic material with long-term hygroscopicity, which can meet the requirements of high-precision equipment with long-term dehumidification and humidity control sensitivity, as well as adequate hygroscopicity.

  • Super Desiccant “SINA”type C

    SINA type C is a new type of hygroscopic material with the capability of qualitative display of hygroscopic degree.
    This material can change color visually in a certain degree of dry and wet conversion, so that can meet the demand of high precision equipment (such as camera lens maintenance) that needs to visually detect the degree of dehumidification.

  • Super“SINA”for Electronics

    Moisture Scavenging of electronic components and circuit boards.
    Practically, the adverse effect of water molecules on electronic components belongs to the microscopic control, but smoothly operating of all kinds of highly sophisticated devices are affected by this control.
    Therefore, the highly efficient micro moisture control of SINA is absolutely indispensable for the manufacturing, quality control, research and development, warehouse management of the microelectronics industry.

  • Partially Stabilized Zirconia (PSZ)

    In addition to high strength, hardness, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and high chemical stability and other conditions of precision ceramics, zirconia also has a higher tenacity than ordinary ceramics, making zirconia used in various industries, such as shaft seal bearing, cutting elements, mold, automobile part.

  • Alumina ceramics Al2O3

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    Alumina ceramics Al2O3 are one of the most durable ceramics available. The outstanding properties of alumina ceramics make it one of the most widely used ceramics in structural, wear and corrosion environments.